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Lines and Light: Nudes

Lines & Light: Nudes is a continuation of my study in how forms are visually defined -- sometimes through the delicacy of their outline, at other times through the strength of their mass. With this series, the hope is to illuminate and clarify textures of the human form that might otherwise go unnoticed: contour and striation of muscle unexpectedly give way to a boundless arc of light and shadow, often within the smallest of spaces.

As a result, the degree to which shapes and forms invite or resist depth becomes essential -- lighter images in the series at once flit precariously across the surface of the paper, while darker images seem to dangerously approach disappearing entirely into the void that surrounds them.

Here, at these two extremes of where a photograph can still comfortably find itself, one is compelled toward a different sort of awareness -- a place where one can see more because one is also on the very cusp of seeing nothing at all. Another second more or less of exposure, and one is looking only at light or darkness and nothing else.

All images are gelatin-silver prints on warmtone fiber-based paper and treated for archival permanence.

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